Oatside Oat Milk Brand Apologizes for Being Too Popular in Thailand

They went even further by creating a special gift set with hand-crafted postcards as an apology to everyone who complained.

Sometimes when you’ve got it, you’ve got it. And so it goes for Oatside according to a new campaign via Rabbit’s Tale that sees the popular oat milk brand apologizing for being “too popular.”

“While social media make it so easy for people to complain about brands these days, it’s so tough for brands when they get complaints about every little thing –even being too popular,’ Rabbit’s Tale said.

“Take an oat milk brand like Oatside for example, their products are so popular it went out of stock only after a couple months of first distribution and they got complaints from Twitter about how their milk tastes good but so hard to find due to their product availability.”


Instead of apologizing for the complaints the way most brands would, Oatside took a different approach.


On Twitter, they initiated the conversation by saying sorry for being too popular while solving the problem with an announcement of a big restocking and tagged those people who complained to accept the apology.

They went even further by creating a special gift set with hand-crafted, customized postcards as an apology to everyone who complained.

“Such act of sincerity completely won the public’s hearts resulting in free media from real consumers shares that helped to spread not just how cute and loveable the brand is but also how delicious their product is that it became out of stock so quickly,” said Rabbit’s Tale.


Agency: Rabbit’s Tale
Chief Executive Officer: Sunard Thanasanaksorn
Managing Director: Sakunnapak Chaipracha
Chief Creative Officer: Noranit Yasopa
Executive Creative Director: Papop Chaowanapreecha
Creative Director: Kanon Umpornsirirat
Senior Copywriter: Chotchanit Chanpensuk
Art Director: Nutkritta Lertpitiwatana
Project Management Officer: Prapapan Waiyapat
Executive Director Strategic Planning: Nathanit Tantanapornkul
Strategic Planning Manager: Cholsara Niwatsiriwong
Strategic Planner: Thitirat Wattanasombat
Chief Media & Performance Officer: Patthanin Samairat
Media Planning & Performance Director: Panramon Lertsrikittiwat
Senior Media Buyer: Pawncharin Choochuang
Media Planner: Noramon Thuenyuenyong
Community Team lead: Teeradet Patinyapirom
Community Executive: Sarinya Muneerungsee
Group Account Director: Dechakorn Amornwachirabodee
Senior Account Manager: Nattawut Methithawat
Account Executive: Natnicha Vangveravongsa


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