NYC Ballet Releases Exquisitely Gorgeous Animated Film for ‘The Sleeping Beauty’

A stunningly beautiful piece of animation work via Steelworks


NYC Ballet



NYC Ballet has tapped CGI and animation specialist studio Steelworks to release a gorgeous film promoting its production of “The Sleeping Beauty’” which hits the stage on February 15.

The film follows the central motif of a delicate pink rose featuring stunning fabric and particle simulations, floating gold dust, flowing floral elements, and fluttering silk-like butterfly wings.

Much like elegant ballet dancers, each piece of the medley moves in perfect harmony with the ethereal score.


Steelworks was tasked with interpreting a selection of key scenes from ‘The Sleeping Beauty’, inspired by its scenery and costume design. With only 30 seconds to work with, the team proposed a full CGI piece utilizing motifs from the ballet to capture the emotion as well as the main storytelling points.

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