NudeJEH to rebrand as GREYnJ United Following Acquisition by WPP

NudeJEH, an advertising and digital firm in Thailand, is to be rebranded as GREYnJ United. This is after the Grey Group, which is WPP-owned, has landed a deal to acquire it.

WPP is in the works of growing its digital revenue within five years time. The growth is aimed between 40 to 45 percent of its total revenue and the latest acquisition is in lieu with this goal. Last 2014, digital revenues generated US$6.9 million, which is 36% of US$19 billion, WPP’s total revenues.

Nude Communication merged with JEH United in 2011, which brought about NudeJEH. They provide strategy consultation, creative branding, web design and production services. Their most notable clients include  Bangkok Dusit Medical Services, Ananda Development, Tesco Lotus, Bangkok Airways, Puriku, and Bio Consumer.


Nine Dotz is also owned by nudeJEH and their combined revenues in  2014 were THB 239 million, with gross assets of THB 123 million. They currently employ at least 60 people.

WPP’s Asia Pacific revenue is estimated at US$150 million, with a workforce of 2000 and Thai contributions are relatively small.

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