Not Happy With Your Beer? Exchange it for a Belgo Craft Beer in Vietnam

Belgo & Happiness Saigon create a novel campaign that upgrades any other beer into a craft beer.

According to a new campaign for Belgian craft beer, Belgo, when most beer is as cheap as water, it’s hard to convince people to take a chance on a specialty brew with fresh ingredients and a price to match.

The brand, which brews its beer in Vietnam, worked with Happiness Saigon to launch the beer-currency promotion, allowing beer lovers to exchange any mass-market beer for the higher-end Belgo and “taste the difference.”

The campaign placed vending machines around the city allowing people to insert other beer brands and, boom! out pops a bottle of Belgo.


Check it out:

“With a product like Belgo accessibility is a challenge – no one wants to take a chance on a beer that’s 8x the price of what they already know they enjoy,” said Nick Stillittano, Creative/Production Director, Happiness Saigon.

“Turning the accessibility of those mass-market brands to our advantage, we think there’s something fun in there.”


Jazz Tonna, Partner, Creative Director, Happiness Saigon added: “This vending machine is the first of a larger platform for Belgo that aims to take it from a relatively unknown craft beer in Vietnam to a household name. Hopefully we can prove that smaller brands can stand up to bigger budgets with a little faith in creative ideas. ”

The promotion is also available at all Belgo pubs, where you can exchange a can of any beer at the counter for a freshly pulled craft Belgian beer.

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