North Korean TV: Murderous Catholics, Glorious Korean Leaders and More – Watch for Yourself

While day to day life is still somewhat of a mystery, from what we can gather it sucks to live in North Korea under what is now the third generation of the oppressive Kim Dynasty.

An interesting aspect in the maintenance of this ongoing suckiness and orchestrated justification of the Kim monarchy, is creating a public perception that North Korea is a country stuck in time.

As Martin Schneider writes over at Dangerous Minds.


In North Korea, the Korean War of the 1950s may as well have happened yesterday. There is no such entity as “South Korea,” it is all simply “Korea,” with the southern half temporarily occupied by American imperialists, who (as the propaganda never stops emphasizing) started the Korean War and have been intent on killing and raping North Korea ever since, an outcome stymied by North Korea’s dominating military forces.

Doesn’t that sound lovely to live under?

For those curious about the daily propaganda branding campaign of the Kim Dynasty, someone has uploaded an hour of North Korean TV on YouTube and it’s quite an interesting watch –at once “rousing, patriotic, and grim.”

Around the 10-minute mark, there’s a choreographed stage show (actually, the dancing is fantastic) featuring a mother and her boy being brainwashed by a Catholic priest who eventually kills the boy followed by the heroic mother getting revenge.


This is all capped off with the life lesson tagline for North Korean viewers: “Do not forget the brutality of American things”.



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