North Korea ‘Hates’ America, but Her Brands are Everywhere

North Korea is one of the most tightly controlled brand generating machines on the planet. Kim Jong Eun is God’s gift, and there is nothing in the outside world worth thinking about so get back to work.

One of the most common tropes is hating on America. And yet, the average citizens can’t seem to get enough of American brands. So, as a way to keep their thinking in line with the country’s brand, the government tells its citizens that Coca Cola was actually invented in North Korea and that Mickey Mouse is originallyfrom their good friend, China.

Great photos and accompanying article in the Daily Mail this week looking at American brands in North Korea.


Photographer Eric Lafforgue, who has since been banned from visiting the Communist state, traveled widely in North Korea –given the rare opportunity to talk to locals about their worldview.

"It's not an American's a Chinese one."

“It’s not an American cap…it’s a Chinese one.”

“Even in the official paintings made by State artists, you see Disney characters that came via the Chinese products that are everywhere in North Korea,” said Lafforgue. ‘Most of the people ignore the meaning.’

The Anti-American brand is still around, as you can see in the image below, but the American brand itself is working its way into the tightly wound strands of the DPRK.


North Korean coke Branding in Asia

North Korean coke Branding in Asia 1


North Korean Brands Branding in Asia

North Korea Mcdonalds Disney Korea North



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