North Koreans Eating American BBQ Video Offers Interesting Insights

What do you get when you combine American-style BBQ with several escapees from North Korea? Some interesting viewing.

Digitalsoju TV, creators of the 20-minute clip, pulled out all the stops by taking North Koreans to one of Korea’s best American style BBQ joints and interviewing them about their impressions of the food.


The BBQ and popular sauces are actually more of a setup for some very interesting discussion and insights into the difference between North Korea and the outside world –with the escapees giving their take on life north and south of the DMZ.

There is a warmth about the featured diners that makes the engagement between host and guest quite charming throughout the video. This, however, was our favorite line:

“In North Korea we were told about a dining utensil that those ‘American bastards’ use. The word they used to describe a fork was the same word used for a farming tool for shoveling cow dung.”


If you’d like to read more, the creators of the piece did a Q&A over on Reddit.


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