No Ugly Issues Ingredient Challenge to Sports Drink Brands to ‘Show Us Your Backside’

New Zealand’s No Ugly wellness tonics that help you ‘get back to gorgeous’, has launched a new campaign via Innocean Australia asking consumers to “drink the ingredients, not just the brand,” for the No Ugly Hydrate variant.

The ‘Frontgredients’ campaign is a provocative campaign that challenges the major players of sports hydration drinks by inviting people to pay more attention to the ingredients they are putting into their bodies – rather than being swayed by savvy marketing.

As part of the challenge, No Ugly is calling out major brands like Gatorade, the no.1 sports drink in Australia, to “show us your backside” and reveal what they’re really made of. To do this they are asking people to take a photo of the back of the competition’s bottles to show the ingredients behind their branding. All this for a chance to win crates of No Ugly Hydrate.


“No Ugly Hydrate has been scientifically formulated to be packed with electrolytes like magnesium, potassium, sodium and, unlike most sports drinks, B vitamins, which help convert what you eat into glucose – which gives you energy,” said Ryan Bernal, Country Manager at No Ugly.


“All with only 2.8g of natural sugars to boot. No ‘free’ or ‘added’ sugars here. We can’t compete with the giants of sports drinks in terms of dollars, but we certainly compete with them when it comes to the actual drink. That’s the beauty of the ‘Frontgredients’ campaign.”

V. Wassim Kanaan, Senior Art Director at Innocean, added: “Whether you’re a professional sportsperson, weekend warrior, or even a non-athlete, many sports beverages widely being consumed are often just another sugary drink. We don’t have the same brand awareness as the Gatorades of the world. So, to make people think about what they are putting into their bodies, we doubled down on our ingredients label and turned that into our No Ugly branding.”


Innocean Australia

Executive Creative Director: Wesley Hawes
CEO: Jasmin Bedir
Senior Art Director: V. Wassim Kanaan
Senior Copywriter: Damon Porter
Senior Designer: Michael Macgregor
Designer Guilherme Carvalho
Social Media Director: Josh Tan
Social: Kristin Freeland
Producer: Warrick Nicholson and Louis Moore
Photographer and Editor: Lucio Tagliani
Senior Communications Strategist: Charlotte Berry

No Ugly

Country Manager: Ryan Bernal

Hearts & Science

Gail Halbert – Business Director
Luke Hutchinson – Chief Investment Officer

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