Nike’s New Ad Film in China Takes You to a Magical Winter Wear Testing Facility

“It’s not every day that a creative brief this unique comes along.”


Nike China


Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai

Hamlet China

As part of an awareness push to highlight the “More Than Warmth” benefits of their winter jackets, Nike has launched a new campaign in China created by Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai and directed by Henry Scholfield through international production studio HAMLET.

The fantastical one-minute cinematic spot is set in a magical world that is home to a dedicated team of eccentric, warmth-obsessed researchers who conduct tests on the Nike Winter Collection, and revel in their scientific achievements when the garments ace every test.

Each part of the film is inspired by a specific jacket attribute and offers a detailed showcase of features, including warmth, breathability, waterproof, and lightweight, culminating in a bona fide product demonstration.


Check it out:

“To truly test the warmest products, we had to create an entire world of cold; and in it, innovators who are obsessed with warmth. Creating the tests and building this world was such a fun and creative process,” said Zhong How, Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Creative Director.

Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Associate Creative Director Ruby Li added: “To pair the magical visuals of the film, we needed to bring something extra to the ears. Something simple yet quirky like “Dibby-Dibby!” that helps set an inviting tone for the film.”


Image via Hamlet

Henry Scholfield, Director said: “Each test, and the base concept of the experimental designs was conceived around the principles of ‘what if’ and ‘why nots’… a lot of sideways logic but in the end there is a reason for everything (we promise!). Real pleasure for me to get to work with the very talented creative crew at W+K Shanghai.”

Image via Hamlet

Yimeng Zhang, Managing Partner and Executive Producer of Hamlet China added: “It’s not every day that a creative brief this unique comes along. Upon reading the script, Henry immediately struck me as the perfect director to make this magical idea come to fruition.

The biggest challenge presented to us was to define the parameters of “magical realism” when conceiving and crafting the magical world. I think the final result mastered it in an excellent way, it’s literally a mini “popcorn movie” one will immediately warm to (pun intended).”

Image via Hamlet

Image via Hamlet

Image via Hamlet

Image via Hamlet

Image via Hamlet

Image via Hamlet

Image via Hamlet

Image via Hamlet


Brand Creative Senior Director: Simon Lee, Che Lin
Narrative Director: Seven Yang
Senior Narrative Manager: Yuling Yao
Narrative: Elaine Weng, Phoenix Zhao
Senior Copywriter: Yi Qi
Art Director: Diana Tang
Designer: Cyan Wang, Xiaojing Li, Cathy Shang-Kuan
Production Director: Kelly Zhan
Senior Producer: Cora Liu
Producer: Monika Jiang

Chief Creative Officer:  Ian Toombs / Vivian Yong
Head of Creative: Matt Meszaros
Creative Director: Zhong How
Associate Creative Director: Ruby Li
Senior Art Director: Alex Litovka
Art Director: Edmund Chang
Copywriter: Pat Cholavit
Head of Production: Fang Yuan
Senior Producer: Iris Li/ Jazzy Zhao
Head of Planning: Summer Yang
Associate Planning Director: Alan Wu
Strategist: Katie Li
Group Brand Director: Qinna Ye
Brand Director: Esther Choi
Senior Brand Executive: Wayne Zhang/ Louise Cai
Business Affairs: Jessica Deng, Hui Ye, Gloria Ji
Head of Design: Juni Hsu
Designer: Qi Zhang
Junior Designer: Chumeng
Design Producer: Vic Zhang
Senior Retoucher: Changqing Lee
FA Artist: Dennis Chen

Production Company: Hamlet China
MD/EP: Yimeng Zhang
Hamlet Producers: Claire Qin, Duffy Du
Production Manager: Winson Wang
Line Producer: Wang Zhiyuan, Sun Ying
Production Coordinator: Selene Xu

Director: Henry Scholfield
DOP: Pat Aldinger
1st AD: Stella Gui
2nd AD: Yan
1st AC: Terry Yan
Assistant Camera: Ma Chao, He Xiaohu, Cao Cheng, Zhang Hongming, Zhang Zhaoyu, Ou Wentao
B-Cam: Ben Kang
Gaffer: Dickson Lim
Lighting crew: Sun Zhanchao, Yu Puping, Tang Yichun, Gao Binbin, Wang Yongcheng, Chang Dan, Ma Chong, Wang Jie, An Dongdong, Jing Deliang, Jing Xudong, Li Yaohui, JIn Xin
Production Designer: Maruxa Alvar
Art Director: A-Liang
Assistant Art Director: Alec Wei, Tziyi Yu, Kuo Hung Tsun
Prop Master: Guan Guowu
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Special Props: Julius Mak
Special Props Assistant: Tang Cheng, Zhang Zhipeng, Zhai Heguang, Yang Jun, Zhang Bo, Yin Rongliang
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Casting: Baiwen Zhang, Feifei Zhou
Storyboard Artist: Vince Wei
DIT: Luo Dong
Q-take: Sun Haichen
Runner: Yan Baowei, Jiao Qiqi, Xie Jun, Liu Gaochen, Shi Chenhuang, Jia Youpeng, Kong Shaogen, Wu Junqian
Chaperone: Joyce Sun

Post Production
Post Producer: Joy Chiang
Offline Editing (UK): Sam Bould
Offline Editing (Shanghai): Bing Feng
CG & Online Editing: Wicked Pixel
VFX Lead Artist: Eddie Van Rensberg, Carl Jeppe
Post Producer @ Wicked Pixels: Kamila Kelly, Leigh Human, Leticha Kisting
On-set Supervisor: Schalk van der Merwe, Paolo Gnoni
Music Studio (Composition, SD, Mixing): Mr.Pape
Colorist (Germany): Marina Starke

Art Director: YETI Art Studio
Online Editing: HUE, Bottles
Color Grading Studio: MZ Studio, Fin Design
Mixing: Hush Studios


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