Nike Campaign Stunt in Shanghai Shows Runners Make the World Go Round

Earlier this month, people on the streets of Shanghai looked up and saw a person running on top of a 50-meter tall giant spinning globe. His running made the world go round and as he ran faster the world spun faster.

The stunt “Running makes the world go round” marked the launch of Nike’s new running campaign “Choose Go” introducing Nike Epic React to a wider audience in China.


To create the illusion, Nike China and Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai hijacked the globe-shaped Metro City building in downtown Shanghai and built a 5-meter tall invisible screen on top to project runners who were actually running on a treadmill across the street in real time.

The speed of the earth’s rotation was connected to the speed of the runners on the treadmill so people could see how their run affected the rotation of the earth.

Nike invited local celebrities and athletes to participate like Su Bingtian ‘the fastest man in China’ who broke the Asian sprint record three times in two months and Edison Chen who pioneered street fashion in China.

Their names were projected onto the spinning globe as they ran: “Su Bingtian makes the world go round”, “Edison Chen makes the world go round” and others.


The event which was operated and coordinated by Mindshare and Kinetic sparked interest and gained popularity online.


Client Name: Nike China
Campaign Name: 2018 Nike React
Launch Date: 17 Mar 2017

Nike China

Nike VP Marketing: Steve Tsoi
Nike Senior Brand Director: Kevin Kirksey
Nike Senior Creative Director: Simon Lee
Nike Brand Communications: Che Lin, Miao Wang
Nike Media: Danny Lee, Vicky Huang, Stacy Juan
Nike Event: Richard Lin, Connie Chen, Boa Huang
Nike Brand Design: Sally Zou

Agency Credits


Executive Creative Director: Ian Toombs, Vivian Yong
Creative Director: Okan Usta, Hesky Lu
Art Director: Josh King
Copywriter: Aier Xu
Head of Integrated Production: Sanne Drogtrop
Interactive Producer: Xiong Xiong
Creative Technologist: Rhys Turner
Senior Planner: Leon Lin
Planner: Carina Huang
Business Director: Dino Xu
Senior Account Manager: Qinna Ye
Senior Account Executive: Xueer Ren
Head of Project Management: Nicole Bee
Business Affairs: Jessica Deng, Kathy Zhan
Head of Designers: Fish Ho
Designer: Helen Yu
PR Manager: Evelyn Hsu

External Credits:


Head of OOH Team: Jennifer Zhu
OOH Lead and Project Coordinator: Pierre Xu
OOH Manger: Him Chow
OOH Execution: Fionn Shen


Head of Media Strategy: Tendayi Chivero
Lead Media Planner: Cici Chen
Digital Planning: Simple Chen, Sheep Zeng, Betty Tian


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