Nike Launches Nike Hyper Court in The Philippines, Powered by Google

Nike has recently launched a first of its kind initiative in Manila dubbed the Nike Hyper Court.

Powered by Google, and developed in partnership with BBH Singapore, Nike Hyper Court is the first ever on-court digital platform that delivers content data-free, including training drills from experienced coaches tailored to different types of players, elevated member activities and as well as Nike global basketball content.

“Bringing two brands like Nike and Google together has allowed us to deliver a true world first – Nike Hyper Court will be transformational to Filipino basketball, giving millions of kids access to some of the best training available and to help them raise their game,” said David Webster, Managing Partner, BBH Singapore.

According to the release:

Manila is a city where kids play basketball day-and-night, yet access to proper training is reserved for the elite. Even those wanting to learn the skills online can’t do so as data is either unreliable or expensive. Nike’s ambition for the initiative was to give youth a platform to help them get better at the sport they love.


Available initially at five courts across Manila, Nike Hyper Court provides basketball enthusiasts across the city with access to training programmes modeled after three of the biggest players in the game – LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving.

Each of the Nike Hyper Courts in the five Barangays (districts) are visually stunning thanks to the designs of Arturo Torres, the internationally renowned illustrator known for his signature superhero style illustrations of rappers and basketball stars in two New York Times bestselling books – The Rap Year Book and Basketball (and Other Things). The first five courts feature the emblematic identity of basketball superstars LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and Kyrie Irving.

The Nike Hyper Court training content is designed for Filipino basketball players with the help of experienced coaches. The training drills are tailored for different types of players: Explosive Power, Electric Quickness and Dynamic Versatility, and the program learns and makes recommendations from continuous user interaction.

“The passion for basketball in Manila is unlike any other city in Asia,” said Nike Southeast Asia & India Senior Marketing Director, Bulbul Khera. “We want to inspire young ballers to realize their full potential through the physical and digital aspects of their sport. Nike Hyper Court enables these ballers to train anytime without worrying about access to training drills and data costs,”

“Collaborating with a great partner like Nike and an innovative agency like BBH was a perfect fit,” said Miguel Andrés-Clavera, Google Creative Technology Lead. “Nike Hyper Court, powered by Google, presents a great example of how businesses can partner with the community to customize technology and provide an original, digital solution aimed at empowering Filipino basketball players and youth across the capital. We are excited to see Nike Hyper Court use Google’s technology to change the game. This technology allows for endless possibilities on and off the court,”

Arturo Torres’ involvement in the Nike Hyper Court project was heavily influenced by Nike’s aim to nurture and inspire young basketball enthusiasts to raise their game and realize their full potential by providing them with access to world-class training drills.

“I came from a childhood surrounded by domestic violence, in a tough neighborhood,” said Said Arturo Torres. “But to look at myself and know that I’m not a statistic when I could’ve been, should’ve been, that’s amazing. I’m proof, you can make it out, you can have a better life. To know that my art can contribute to something like that, that maybe a kid here in the Philippines can feel excited about playing on that court because of something I drew and that helps him become the next LeBron or Kobe, that’s incredible. I just want to be the best I can be and inspire kids to be better. That’s my goal: for kids to be better than me.”

Arturo’s biggest influence comes from iconic comic book artist Jack Kirby – and his illustrations of each basketball player pays homage to both comic art and the energy and spirit of each individual player. Arturo says it was an honour to draw sporting legends that the world looks up to:

“KD is filled with energy. That’s why I gave him rays. This guy is seven foot and he can play any position. Kyrie moves around people so fast that’s why he’s got the wind going against him. Lebron is a freaking God – I wanted him to be like Thor, so a flying superhero with lightning bolts it is. And then there’s Kobe. He’s always in control with those ball handling skills. That’s why he’s got smoke under him. Then there’s Westbrook. He’s a living volcano. Get out of his way or get run over. I put him in fire and lava.”

“We knew Arturo would be the perfect artist to create the impact we wanted to achieve when launching Nike Hyper Court. His fame and love around basketball and his incredible talent combined allowed us to deliver what is a game-changing experience for Manila’s basketball-loving youth,” said Aste Gutierrez, Creative Director, BBH Singapore, who was also CD on the highly awarded Nike “Unlimited Stadium” campaign.

Nike Hyper Court was officially launched at the end of November 2017.


Managing Partner: David Webster
Executive Creative Director: Joakim Borgström
Creative Technology Lead: Dillah Zakbah
Creative Director: Aste Gutierrez
Copywriters: Kara Bautista, Aste Gutierrez
Art Directors: Sudhir Pasumarty, Denise Tee, Grace Wong, Joel Sow Lee Jing Lin
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