Nike China Launches Touching Tribute Film ‘Dear Kobe’

    By Asia Ad Junkie - Sep 10, 2020
    Nike China Launches Touching Tribute Film ‘Dear Kobe’

    As a tribute to the late Kobe Bryant, Nike China has launched a short film called “Dear Kobe” paying tribute to the legend whose impact was felt around the world.

    The 90-second spot was created by Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai working with director Francois Rousselet and the Mathematic animation team in Paris.

    “When we started this project, we knew we needed to be very considerate when defining the animation style and effects,” said Mathematic executive producer Guillaume Marien.

    “The spot is a poignant reminder of the life of Kobe Bryant, and we knew it would be viewed by millions of fans around the world.”

    “Mathematic designed the animation with ink splotches that transform into characters, props, and environments, in order to reflect and symbolize memories and Chinese tradition,” added Marien.

    There is also a making-of video:


    Film Director: Francois Rousselet
    Executive Creative Director: Ian Toombs
    Executive Creative Director: Vivian Yong
    Creative Director: Matt Meszaros
    Creative Director: Jeff Fang
    Senior Creative: Josh King
    Senior Creative: Michael Mcguire
    Art Director: Zhong How
    Copywriter: Gem Xu
    Executive Producer: Bernice Wong
    Executive Producer: Jules de Chateleux
    Executive Producer: Ay Wei Wong
    Producer: areta mak
    Senior Producer: Fang Yuan
    Director: Francois Rousselet
    DoP: Li Dong Jun
    Client: Nike China
    VP Marketing Greater China: Steve Tsoi
    Senior Creative Director: Simon Lee
    Brand Communications Senior Director: Che Lin
    Nike GC Creative Strategy Director: Michael Chien
    Assistant Creative Strategist: Yuling Yao
    Senior Art Director: Lei Zhang
    Senior Copywriter: Nokkia Wang
    Copy Manager: Jimmy Chen
    Head of Designers: Fish Ho
    Designer: John Yao
    Line Producer: Ser Ping Lee
    Production Manager: Zhang Ye
    1st Assistant Director: Jo Chan
    Stylist: Avivi Wang
    Asst. Stylist: Ling Li
    Art Director: Hsiao Shu Chang
    Assistant Art Director: Kuan Li Huang
    Focus Puller: Wang Jun Hui
    Gaffer: Wang Jin Dong
    Grip: Eric Xi
    Casting: Ariel, Sun Yi Tong, Xu Chen Jie
    Ink Shoot
    Director: François Rousselet
    Producer: Jules de Chateleux
    Line producer: Lola Burelle
    Illustrator: Yue Wu
    Ink artist: Stéphane Levallois
    Ink assistant: Arthur Sevestre
    Dop: Amine Berrada
    1st AC: Martin Robiquet
    Photo assistant: Gabin Roux
    Location manager: Michael Richez
    Key Grip: François Dupuis
    Gaffer: Romain Mosti
    Animation: Mathematic Paris
    Executive Producer: Guillaume Marien
    Executive Creative Producer: Rebecca Rice
    Illustrator: Yue Wu
    Background Illustrator / Ink Choreographer: Stéphane Levallois
    Line Producers: Nadège Moreau, Sebastián Eyherabide
    Project Supervisor: Emeric Samier
    Lead Animator: Bishoy Gendi
    Animators: Hozen Britto, Peter Lowey, Reg Isaac, Chiara Sgatti, Pierre Rutz, Xavi Siria, Joe Cheng, Marianne Le Moigne, Adeline Jactat, Rémi Bastié, Chloé Hamon, Boris Belghiti, Clara Estable, Clemence Drion, David Bradshaw
    Lead Compositing: Daniel Rodrigues
    Compositing Artists: Emeric Samier, Bertrand Avril, Arnaud Laplace, Vincent Ewald, Julien Michel, David Pelletier, Astrid Tessier
    Lead Flame Artist: Clément Germain
    Flame Artists: Hugo Aymerich, Greg Langlois
    Post: MPC Shanghai/LA
    Post Producer: Rachel Zhao, Sasha Pace
    Shooting Supervisor: Barry Greaves
    Colorist: Ricky Gausis, Nikola Stefanovic
    Online Artist: Eason Wu
    Audio: Lime Studios
    Executive Producer: Susie Boyajan
    Sound Design: Rohan Young
    Mixing: Joel Waters
    Asst. Mix Engineer: Collin Thomas
    Audio House: Hush Studios Shanghai
    Executive Producer: Bonie Wu
    Sound Engineer: Eson Wang


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