Nike Campaign Champions Chinese Women’s Football Via Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai

“The teams’ personal stories are an inspiration that we wanted to tell the entire country.”

Nike and its long-time creative partner Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai recently launched a series of football campaigns, including two feature films and one outdoor stunt to encourage the whole nation to “follow their heart.”

To kick things off the campaign held a light show stunt to celebrate the Chinese football star Wang Shuang at Tank Shanghai starting from July 17th to 22nd. The West Bund, a historic museum in Shanghai, was filled with hearts as groups of Wang Shuang fans gathered in front of Tank Shanghai to send their hearts and best wishes to the Chinese global-trotting football star who makes her signature “heart gesture” every time she scores during a game.

According to W+K Shanghai, the stunt “Play With Heart” x Tank Shanghai marks Nike’s tribute to the star, in an effort to inspire the nation to follow their heart through the inspiring story of Wang Shuang and her “heart buddy” who represents her love for football and the younger generation of future female footballers.


The agency’s creative team hijacked the tank-looking art gallery in Shanghai and turned it into a large-scale printed mural focused on Wang Shuang’s iconic heart sign. During the night, the mural turns into an epic light show which also serves as a canvas for everyone to send their hearts and love to Wang Shuang against a backdrop of mixed locations based on a feature animation film released prior to the stunt.

Meanwhile, the team also launched an animation to celebrate the whole Chinese Women’s Football Team by visualizing a family portrait wall featuring the team’s most heartfelt stories both on and off the field.

“The teams’ personal stories are an inspiration that we wanted to tell the entire country,” said Matt Meszaros, Head of Creative at W+K Shanghai.

The agency added: “The series campaign later triggered heated discussions and impressions across social media, considered as yet another successful collaboration between Nike and its long-term creative partner WKSH.”



Brand Creative Senior Director: Simon Lee, Che Lin

Narrative Director: Michael Chien

Narrative Manager: Jovi Weng

Art Director: Diana Tang

Senior Designer: Scott Wang

Designer: Cyan Wang, Lulu Zhang

Copywriter: Tiara Xu

Production Director: Kelly Zhan

Senior Producer: Sherry Xu, Christina Zhang

Producer:Daisy Su 



Chief Creative Officer:  Ian Toombs / Vivian Yong

Head of Creative: Matt Meszaros

Creative Director: Zhong How

Associate Creative Director: Uty Chen / Ruby Li / Jing Qiu / Gem Xu

Senior Art Director: Huicheng Wu

Junior Art Director: Shuheng Fu

Art Director: Huzi Hu

Senior Copywriter: Journey Xie

Head of Production: Fang Yuan

Senior Producer: Iris Li / Rony Chan

Producer: Jazzy Zhao / Yifan Pan / Leah Ai

Production Assistant: Doreen Zhu

Head of Planning: Summer Yang

Senior Planner: Bart An / Alan Wu

Junior Planner: Katie Li

Co-Head of Brand Management: Qinna Ye

Brand Director: Yuting Zhang / Xueer Ren

Senior Brand Manager: Esther Choi

Brand Manager: Jessica Liu

Senior Brand Executive: Howan Tong / Wayne Zhang / Louise Cai

Business Affairs: Jessica Deng / Hui Ye / Gloria Ji

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Leading Design Producer: Vic Zhang

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FA Artist: Dennis Chen

In-house Editor: Juno Zhu


External Credits:


Executive Producer: Andrew Linsk

Senior Producer: Michael Neithardt



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Event Setup: Technology Decoration Kernel

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Interactive Company: Key Factory

Overall Management: Chris Zhang

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Security Company: Shanghai VSP Security Services Co., Ltd.

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Hostess Company: APLUS

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Music & Sound Design: Lufan Yang

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