New Microsoft Copilot+ PC Brand by Koto Focuses on a Lighter, Brighter Approach

“How do we create a brand that not only excites people about the transformative power of AI, but also educates them on its role in their lives?”

Brand and digital studio Koto has created a new brand for the Microsoft Copilot+ PC range. Rooted in the mission to enable the world to achieve more with AI, the extensive brand launch covers Microsoft Surface Pro devices and partner hardware, including marketing initiatives, the Microsoft website, in-store displays, and more.

The Microsoft Copilot+ PC brand champions the concept of “Illumination through AI,” positioning the power of AI as approachable and seamlessly integrated into daily life.

According to the release, “In a world where AI is often depicted with dark, heavy tones and evoking magic and mysticism, Microsoft offers a different narrative,” adding that Copilot+ PCs aim to make life brighter: by lightening workloads, enhancing human creativity, and illuminating the day-to-day.


Gradients are inspired by the warmth and serenity of natural light, highlighting the approachable yet transformative power of Copilot+ PCs. By creating a brand that builds clarity and calm, Microsoft is ushering in a new era of AI, one that provides the space for people to focus on what they do best: thinking, working, creating, and living.


“The fresh Microsoft Copilot+ PC logo embodies the essence of innovation and human connection,” said Koto in a release.


The “Copilot+ PC” symbol, designed internally by Microsoft, combined with the Copilot+ PC worldmark by Koto, represents the fusion of technology and humanity, embracing the innovative power of companionship. Koto integrated the Copilot+ PC logo into a sleek UI, highlighting the Copilot+ PC processor capabilities it said.

Per the release:

“Koto’s unified colour approach dynamically highlights key features and moments, with each gradient built using a distinctive colour palette to build out the natural light-led system. The identity also integrates the Copilot+ PC UI into the system as a core design element, in order to educate users by directly tying to the product.

“This glassy prompt language adds depth and sophistication, positioning Copilot+ PC as an intelligent, yet tangible companion tool. Additionally, Koto defined and codified a brand language that can showcase the cutting-edge technology in cross-channel environments and employ visual storytelling across various touch points such as OOH, in-store POS, website and social media to illustrate its powerful new possibilities.”

The art direction and motion design system for Microsoft Copilot+ PC, developed by Koto and executed by creative studio Buck, brings the essence of illumination to life. The core concept captures a new dawn, using natural light to represent the ever-present yet approachable presence of AI across daily life, and further reflecting the companionship between humanity and technology.

Rooted in Illumination, Dimensionality, and Sophistication, the motion design system enhances visual motifs and guidelines across all moving image touchpoints. Passerine contributed with ad animations, guided by Koto’s principles, featuring a clear typographic approach reflecting colour theory in transitional states. A glassy haze adds depth, while light sheens and sweeps elegantly guide attention. The Copilot+ PC brand fluidly moves across diverse assets, emphasising the harmonious integration of humanity and technology.

“Helping define Microsoft’s unique view on AI is an incredibly exciting opportunity, especially by helping introduce the groundbreaking Copilot+ PC. But as with all new technologies, it comes with its challenges,” said Sam Howard, Creative Director at Koto.

“How do we create a brand that not only excites people about the transformative power of AI, but also educates them on its role in their lives? How do we capture the intelligence of the product but also make sure it feels innately human?”

Howard added: “Our goal with the Microsoft Copilot+ PC brand was to find that balance, by emphasising the human side of technology in a world that typically does the opposite. We approached crafting the Copilot+ PC brand by focusing on daily life: enhancing workflows, ideas and creativity through the integration of real-world references and gradients.”

“These elements underscore the transformative power of Microsoft’s new class of PCs, by evoking the intensity, warmth, and humanity of natural light.”

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