Korean Lipstick Ad: Pushing Boundaries with Adulterous Kiss?

[su_heading size=”22″]Coming on the heels of the recent decriminalization of adultery, a new lipstick ad pushes the boundaries of traditional Korean mores.[/su_heading]

The Korean branch of San Francisco-based Benefit Cosmetics released an ad over the weekend that is surely going to get some people talking in South Korea. It’s got it all: sultry woman, cute boy, the taboo romantic environ of an elevator and…an adulterous kiss.

The one minute ad, promoting the KissProof Tints lipstick brand, opens with a seemingly subdued woman riding an elevator. A handsome young man gets on, she paints on some KissProof TInts lipstick, lets her hair down and then…have a look-see for yourself.


The message of the ad is pretty simple–slip off that wedding ring, kiss that cute boy on the elevator, then meet your husband waiting for you on the next floor.

What Adultery Law?

It was just this past February that South Korea ditched a 62-year-old adultery law that criminalized having an affair.


On the day the law came off the books  condom sales shot through the ceiling.

Now, what was once hush hush in public is up front and center on your TV screen. Who said Korea didn’t adapt and adjust quicker than most?

It’s a brave new world.

Ad created: By Dylan Kim
Directed by: Lee Jin Su
Twenty second version of the ad is here.

Visit Benefit Cosmetics Korea on the web at www.benefitkorea.co.kr

Kissing Korean advertisment

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