New Creative for the New Normal, Part 2

    The following is part two of a three-part series on the challenges of creating engaging content in the Covid era.

    By Guan Hin Tay - Nov 6, 2020
    New Creative for the New Normal, Part 2

    As discussed in the first part of this series, content needs to have the three Rs. It must be Relevant, it must be Relatable and it must be Real. It’s always been a challenge to create award-winning content and to break free from the digital clutter, and this was pre-pandemic.

    So, how do we deliver engaging creative content in today’s Covid digital era?

    It’s essential to understand the climate we are living in and how that will affect our creativity moving forward.

    Since we don’t know when a new normal will be, we should instead focus on the here and now. We’ve learned a lot so far, so here are two additional key takeaways on how you can execute new impactful creative work.

    In the last part we talked about being Relevant and being Relatable. Now we move on to…

    Being Real

    The third point is about being more understanding than promotional. Promotion isn’t always about hard selling. It’s about finding the right balance to find common topics that understand how we are feeling currently.

    Social distancing is a great example. Burger King created a new product that highlights this. By adding three times more onions, they named it a social distancing whopper.

    One of Burger King’s brand asset is King’s crown we wear on our heads as giveaways. So they cleverly created a gigantic crown giveaway which allows customers to keep their distance when eating.

    If we are lucky, we didn’t get a pay cut. If you did get a pay cut, here is a great promotional offer called Paycut whopper. Customers can choose the promotional percentage depending on their payout.

    Don’t we all wish that we can fast forward 2020? What if Christmas came early? This promotion aims to bring goodwill and cheer to consumers during a challenging year. Burger King brought Christmas in July. To speed up the year and enjoy a happier time like Christmas, they even decorated a restaurant in Florida in Christmas lights.

    Number 4

    The fourth takeaway is that brands are creating more authentic and do it yourself content to connect more closely with their customers. Over the last few months, User-generated content in social media picked up dramatically.

    One category that’s shot through the roof is Food delivery, after all, many of us who stayed at home, got our food delivered.

    Pizza Hut’s innovative boxes allow consumers to create DIY soccer games indoors.

    Want to drive a car at home? Now you can. Turning the pizza box into an adrenaline-filled cardboard race track.

    Talking about cars. Here is what Honda did to create their DIY car commercial.

    Next, I’d Like to share two DIY pieces of mobile content. The first one is called “Wash” by BBDO Malaysia.

    It’s a vertical video shortlisted from the United Nations Covid response hub to help stop the spread of covid. It took four days and several Google Hangouts to pull this off. The creative talents shot the scenes with mobile phones at their own homes.

    The second is engaging Tiktok content by a famous makeup influencer who got his community to participate in the Passthebrushchallenge.

    Authentic content executed well is more believable and can sometimes connect better with your customers than a polished well-made content.

    The world has changed and creatives need to keep up. If we focus on these key insights, we can continue to connect to our audience and do so an even more meaningful impactful way than ever before.

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