New Campaign from Ortuseight and Lup Jakarta Calls on People to ‘Give it All’

Throughout our lives, many dreams slip away from us. Sometimes, we let them go intentionally, while other times, we are hesitant to pursue them. This can leave our potential untapped. But what if we never give up on those dreams?

In the face of this shared phenomenon, together with LUP Jakarta, sports brand Ortuseight launched the “Give It All ” campaign.

The campaign finds its roots in the stories of remarkable athletes throughout history. These athletes (even some of the legends we celebrate today) weren’t born with innate talent— they earned their greatness through an unwavering commitment to the principle of Give It All. They pushed themselves beyond the boundaries of comfort, training relentlessly to shape their dreams into tangible achievements.


According to the campaign, success isn’t a matter of chance. Every stride, goal, and victory reflects those who dared to “Give It All”. The campaign invites you to chase your dreams wholeheartedly, embracing each obstacle as an opportunity to grow. The stories of athletes who conquered their doubts, who harnessed their determination, are the stories that inspire our campaign.

In the campaign video, four accomplished Indonesian professional athletes, Alfriyanto Nico Saputro (Football Athlete), Bambang Bayu Saptaji (Futsal Athlete), Tazi Ahmad Dani (Running Athlete), and Puspa Arum Sari (Pencak Silat Athlete), showcased their unwavering determination and commitment. These athletes exemplified the essence of giving their utmost effort in their respective sports fields. Their passion and dedication serve as an inspiring reminder of the incredible drive that propels people to excel and push their boundaries.


Client: Ortuseight
Agency: Lup
Director: Benny Lim
Executive Creative Director: Albert Chan
Creative Director: Andika Nugroho
Account Director: Ahmad Syakbani
Copywriter: Skolastika Rosari Rustian, Fasshan Armia
Art Director: Amalia Azra Maharani, Michellene Huang, Dedy Rukmana
Account Director: Ika Nawang Wulan
Account Executive: Bimo Prabowo
Production House: Juno Project


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