Netflix in For the Long Haul in Asia as it Seeks to Grow Subscriber Base

Netflix is having trouble getting traction in Asia according to a study conducted by Media Partners Asia, a Hong Kong and Singapore-based consultancy specializing in the media business in the Asia-Pacific region.

With about 4.8 million paid subscribers, the Asia market is just under 11% of the the American-based streaming company’s total of 45 million subscribers outside the U.S.

Netflix is not available in the large China market. Excluding China, Netflix has an estimated market share of 20% in the direct paying SVOD subscriber segment in Asia Pacific. According to the report, there will be more than 26 million direct SVOD online customers in Asia ex China by end-2017 and another 28 million indirect customers, the latter based on wholesale agreements between telecom players and online video operators.


The report suggests that Netflix’s momentum has been historically strong in Australia and its adoption and usage in Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand has improving markedly in recent months. India and Japan are longer term markets where competition is significant and increasingly local, led by Amazon and Hulu in Japan and Amazon, Hotstar and Voot in India.

About 3.3 million of the 4.8 million Netflix subscribers are in Australia and New Zealand where English is the common tongue –which means that fewer than 1.5 million people are subscribers in emerging Asian economies.

The company is however making efforts to produce tailor-made content in different countries.


The study also found that’s Prime Video service enjoys sizable user bases in Japan and India.

This article previously mistakenly reported that Netflix is available in China. 


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