Nescafé Carves Out Niche in China’s Cafe Culture in Partnership With Ogilvy

With the rise of café-culture in China consumers are looking for a more “experience-driven coffee consumption” experience, says Nescafé, which recently opened their third Sense Cafe in Beijing.

Since their first China pop-up in 2017, Nescafé, which is not a brand one would usually associate with the café space, has been opening unique pop-ups to carve out their niche in the expanding Chinese cafe market.

From the very first café in Beijing’s high-end shopping center of Sanlitun, to the bamboo forests of the Yellow Mountain, and to the current café nestled in a traditional Beijing courtyard home, Ogilvy has helped Nescafé to fuse elements of culture, history, and taste into an all-encompassing experience.


“We believe that coffee has the power to connect people and spark conversation,” said Mr. Altug Guven, Senior Vice-President, Coffee Business Unit of Nestlé Greater China Region. “With these pop-ups, we have created a sensational space where everyone can come to enjoy a magical moment together, where “just coffee” becomes an entire experience.”

Through a partnership with award-winning architect, Ziyu Zhuang, Nescafé reconstructed a traditional courtyard home in the center of Beijing’s old quarter. The space connects modern visual elements with centuries-old Beijing style architecture, connecting the past to the future, a symbol emboldened by the arrival of Spring – a time for renewal and reflection.

According to Ogilvy:


Visitors can explore five exhibits within the courtyard, experiencing Beijing’s cultural evolution through sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch. As for the coffee, Sense Café features six unique coffee recipes made of regular Nescafé products but inspired by traditional Beijing ingredients, paired with centuries-old traditional Beijing snacks. Within days of opening the café’s online reservations became fully booked and those without a reservation queued for hours for the chance to enter.

“Through our long-term relationship with Nescafé, we have been able to help them harness the power of offline experiences to drive online brand awareness with each pop-up store,” said Selina Teng, President Ogilvy Beijing.

“In a climate where innovation and integration dictate relevance, bringing non-traditional ideas to fruition is what makes brands like Nescafé matter in China.”

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