Nearmap’s Funny Campaign Highlights Hobbies We Can Pick Up With Time On Our Hands

    By Asia Ad Junkie - Sep 21, 2021
    Nearmap’s Funny Campaign Highlights Hobbies We Can Pick Up With Time On Our Hands

    Nearmap has released ‘Truth is in the Detail’, a new brand platform that demonstrates how its high-resolution aerial imagery, city-scale 3D content, and Artificial Intelligence data sets can give organizations an edge. The campaign was rolled out with The Monkeys.

    The integrated campaign is set to run in Australia across broadcast television, social media, and digital. The campaign film, titled ‘The Savant’, was directed by Owen Trevor at Rabbit. A funny spot, the film features a needy boss who doesn’t understand how his employee has so much free time on her hand. Well, she’s using Nearmap and thus can whittle a flute from a carrot.

    “Based and founded in Australia, Nearmap provides much more than aerial maps, and uses its very own patented camera systems, processing software and geospatial tools,” said The Monkeys Creative Director, Thomas Marcusson.


    “‘The Savant’ TV spots show that humour can be really effective in B2B, striking a note in a field normally dominated by more sober content.”

    “Nearmap has been the secret-sauce for many businesses across Australia, New Zealand and North America for more than a decade,” added Nearmap Chief Customer and Marketing Officer, Harvey Sanchez.


    “The pandemic is pushing people to look for tools that help them navigate and cope with a world that is changing in hugely challenging ways. Regardless of what’s happening in the world, companies can depend on Nearmap to deliver data and detail at a scale that has never been provided before. In the first above-the-line campaign from Nearmap, developed with The Monkeys, we hope to deliver that message in a relatable and fun way.”


    Client: Nearmap
    Chief Customer and Marketing Officer: Harvey Sanchez
    VP Global Brand & Digital Growth: Silvia Arrigoni
    Global Head of Brand and Content: Claudine Pache

    Creative Agency: The Monkeys, part of Accenture Interactive
    Group Chief Creative Officer & Cofounder: Scott Nowell
    Creative Director: Thomas Marcusson
    Art Director: Emmalie Narathipakorn
    Copywriter: Seamus McAlary
    Group CEO: Mark Green
    Managing Director: Matt Michael
    Group Business Director: Topher Jones
    Senior Business Director: Natasha Delin
    Business Executive: Alex Young
    Business Strategy Director: Kit Lansdell
    Head of Production: Penny Brown
    Producer: Cathryn Cooper

    Production Company: Rabbit
    Director: Owen Trevor
    DOP: Pete Eastgate
    Executive Producers: Alex Hay & Lucas Jenner
    Associate Executive Producer: Marcus Butler
    Producer: Morgan Hind

    Edit House: The Editors
    Editor: Ryan Boucher
    Post Producers: Rita Gagliardi & Grace Rouvray

    Post Production:
    Grade and Online: Matt Fezz

    Casting Director: Danny Long

    Sound Studio: Song Zu
    Sound Designer: Simon Kane
    Executive Producer: Katrina Aquilia

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