Nature is Here to Take Back Dole’s Fruit Bowls

    By Asia Ad Junkie - Oct 1, 2021
    Nature is Here to Take Back Dole’s Fruit Bowls

    The Food & Beverage Group of Dole Sunshine Company has rolled out Fruit Bowls with a new integrated campaign in different parts of Asia.

    Billed as a snack so close to nature that nature wants it back, it’s no surprise when nature comes calling. The campaign depicts unsuspecting Fruit Bowl eaters as wildlife – a panda, gorilla, and bear – infiltrate home, office, and parks in a quest to take their snack back.

    The three spots were conceptualized and shot by the Grey Group.


    “As part of Dole’s Promise of bringing prosperity to People and the Planet we are committed to delivering fruit as close to nature as possible, even when its packaged,” said Rupen Desai, Global CMO for Dole Sunshine Company.

    “The team at Dole and Grey had a lot of fun bringing these ideas to life as we celebrate and showcase product uniqueness in a different light.”


    “Because the Dole team has such a clear and inspiring purpose, we were able to engage teams from across the global network to find the simplest and most inspiring idea,” said John Patroulis, Global Chief Creative Officer, GREY.

    “Dole is working to do great things in the world, we’re excited to be part of that mission.”

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