Blak Labs ‘Rewrites’ History for Singapore Museum Exhibition

Adding a contemporary (and a bit comedic) twist to an ad campaign for Treasures of the World from the British Museum, Blak Labs has put together a nice series of print ads for the upcoming exhibition at the National Museum of Singapore.

The exhibition showcases an extensive collection of over 200 stunning artifacts from around the world, encompassing over two million years of culture and history. It is a collaboration between the British Museum, the oldest public national museum in the world, and the National Museum of Singapore.

“History doesn’t have to feel old,” adds Charlie Blower, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Blak Labs. “With a generous dose of wit and charm, we’ve added a contemporary touch to this age-old subject.”


The campaign runs across key outdoor sites in town, together with strategic social media initiatives. Blak Labs won the project via government tender last year.