National Crime Prevention Council asks Singaporeans to ‘Spot the Signs’ of Online Love Scams

    By The Staff - Dec 16, 2020
    National Crime Prevention Council asks Singaporeans to ‘Spot the Signs’ of Online Love Scams

    The National Crime Prevention Council in Singapore has launched a new campaign to raise awareness of online love scams, aiming to help people recognize the signs of these crimes.

    The three-minute spot, which was created in collaboration with the Singapore Police Force takes inspiration from real life.

    Today, finding love has never been easier. The number of dating websites and apps grows by the day. Unfortunately, nothing seems to come without a downside and that’s the idea behind the campaign. Online love scams are one of the evils of our increasingly digital romances. The film tells an all too familiar story.

    Girl meets boy. They chat over text and fall for each other. They talk on the phone. They set a date to meet. Unexpectedly his mother falls ill and he can’t pay the bills. You can guess the rest.


    “Over the years, anti-scam advertising has become a blind spot for the audience,” said Nicolas Courant, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy Singapore. “In order to create the right impact with this film, we wanted the audience to feel like they have been scammed to raise awareness on how easily anyone can fall for the possibilities of a love story.”

    The film will run across TV, social media, and various online channels, kickstarting a wider campaign that enables and empowers Singaporeans with a simple message of “Spot the signs. Stop the crimes.” Through the campaign website spotthesigns.sg, Singaporeans can get a deeper understanding of the different ways to spot the various scams prevalent in Singapore.


    Project title: Spot the Signs
    Client name: National Crime Prevention Council
    Creative Agency: Ogilvy Singapore
    Chief Creative Officer: Nicholas Courant
    Creative Director: Elrid Carvalho, Paul Kemp, Shawnn Lai
    Strategy Director: Ishita Roy
    Managing Partner: Mitchell Tan
    Account Management: Eunice Lum, Chua Kai Yao
    Agency Producers: Chua Ann May
    Film Production House: Atypical films
    Film Post Production House: Hogarth Singapore
    Director: Caleb Huang
    Music: Song Zu Singapore


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