My Choices Foundation Launches Powerful Campaign Film to Combat Child Trafficking

    By The Staff - Nov 20, 2020
    My Choices Foundation Launches Powerful Campaign Film to Combat Child Trafficking

    My Choices Foundation has released a powerful new three-minute film, “Chotu,” to highlight the problem of child trafficking in India. The film was released on Children’s Day to emphasize the hellish world that countless young Indian boys and girls face.

    Created by Dentsu Impact, along with Saregama Caravan, the story follows a child throughout his day. From waking on a cardboard mat on the side of the road to being ordered around and abused, the entire spot is incredibly difficult to watch, yet undoubtedly and overwhelmingly important.

    “Seeing little children working to make ends meet is the worst form of pain,” said Anupama Ramaswamy, Managing Partner and National Creative Director, Dentsu Impact.

    The film poignantly highlights that every day the basic rights, education, dignity, and hopes of children across India are trampled. According to My Choices Foundation, millions of child laborers in India are employed across the country in various segments like homes, factories, and construction sites.

    “But we walk away, without reporting it. We need to help organizations like My Choices Foundation in whatever way we can. Because they work hard to help such children get their life back. Why did we choose to launch the film on Children’s Day? We believe the contrast of using an occasion, which celebrates children to highlight their suffering, will make the bitter truth come to light more strongly. It is my hope that with more people understanding the message of the film, they will raise their voices against child labor, and help usher in change,” said Ramaswamy.

    “Although there was much to celebrate on this Children’s Day, we should also note that there are too many children who still do not enjoy full rights and free choices,” added Elca Grobler, Founder, My Choices Foundation. “My Choices Foundation tailors programs to empower them, so they can make choices to live their lives free from violence, abuse, and exploitation. We aim to see the transformation of India into a safe place for children, and we hope this film will help us do that.”

    “Anupama had mentioned this one incident to me on child trafficking, and it really shook me up,” said director of the film, Shashanka Chaturvedi aka Bob, Good Morning Films. “It was the driving force for me to make this piece. It’s something we need to address besides so many others in our society and create awareness. If we start by stopping child labor at home, at work, and everywhere else, this piece will have done what it needs to do.”

    We urge anyone witnessing cases of child labor to call 1800 419 8588 or visit www.mychoicesfoundation.org.


    Client: My Choices Foundation
    Team: Elca Grobler, Archana Brian, Manjulika Chellapan

    Creative Agency: Dentsu Impact
    President: Amit Wadhwa
    CCO: Soumitra Karnik
    Managing Partner & NCD: Anupama Ramaswamy
    Managing Partner: Ajit Devraj
    Chief Films Officer: Suprotim Day
    Associate Vice President, Films: Dawa Lama
    Group Creative Director: Monish Gupta
    Creative Director: Deepak Bhandari, Priyanka Dandia
    Account Management: Avinash Chandra
    Digital Team: Binodan Sarma, Leepakshi Nagrath

    Production house – Goodmorning Films
    Director: Shashanka Chaturvedi
    Executive Producer: Vikram Kalra
    Producer: Robin D’Cruz
    Cinematographer: Shashanka Chaturvedi
    2nd unit cinematographer: Robin D’Cruz
    Editor: Shashanka Chaturvedi
    Casting Director: DM Stars
    Wardrobe Stylist: Shaktirupa Bhattacharya
    1st AD: Kaushal Shah
    DA’s: Gaurav Gupta
    Music: Saregama
    Post Production Head: Bharat Arote
    Post Supervisor: Manish Dabhole
    Colorist: Joeseph Bicknell (company 3)
    Online Artist: Abhijeet Debnath
    Post Houses: Good Morning, Boing Studios
    Sound Engineers: Deepanshu Roy


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