My 40 Favorite Christmas Ads for 2019

    By Juan Pablo Valencia - Dec 28, 2019
    My 40 Favorite Christmas Ads for 2019

    Another Christmas has come and gone and with it another season of holiday-themed ads recorded in the advertising canon.

    I truly believe this is an excellent opportunity and occasion for brands to change their discourse and conversation with their consumers: be more human, emotional, authentic and, above all, closer to people and families, identifying with their values and celebrate those moments that make the holidays something unique and unforgettable for everyone. In the end, we all know that family values are the most important thing always.

    As a creative, I always expect something different, a little surprise from brands, especially from those that always have proved over the years that they can stand out by doing something exceptional for these dates. I am talking about brands like Samsung, Apple, John Lewis, IKEA, and many others, that each year delight us with new, memorable and amazing stories.

    Although the celebration is repeated every year, it should not be so for creativity and ideas, knowing that there are endless stories to tell and share as a gift for the audiences and consumers.

    With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of what I thought were the best Christmas ads for this year – ads that generated warm and positive feelings around the world, which I think is a great opportunity to watch and enjoy.

    EDEKA – The most important ingredient is Love


    Lucy & the Reindeer

    Playing is a gift: Toys R Us

    Manor – birth – gift

    The Christmas Sweater – Nidar Julemarsipan

    Navidad – Vodafone

    Carrefour 60 years

    Crazy Santa – Rema 1000

    Apple – Snowbrawl

    Apple – Making of Snowbrawl

    Visa Christmas Ad 2019


    New York Lottery – “Special Delivery”

    Coke – Santo

    Oreo – “First Christmas


    SingTel – The gift

    The joy of connection | Vodafone Ireland



    Apple – Surprise

    NZ Post Christmas ad 2019

    Xfinity – A Holiday Reunion

    ALDI – The miracle ham

    Erste Group – #HannaBumblebee

    Bouygues Telecom 2019 Christmas Ad

    John Lewis

    IKEA – Silence the Critics


    McDonalds – #ReindeerReady

    McDonald’s – The Gift


    STAR WARS – Globe Telecom

    SAMSUNG GALAXY – Connect Your Galaxy this Holiday



    Portal from Facebook – Sweet Gift

    NOS – The Discovery

    Print The Holidays | Get Real | HP


    Migros Christmas 2019 Commercial: Mimi the Owl Learns to Fly

    IGA: Inseparables

    Hafod Hardware #BeAKidThisChristmas

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