Mullen Lintas Named Creative Partner for SIP Abacus

Hari Krishnan, CEO of Mullen Lintas

SIP Abacus, a skills development program for children, has awarded creative duties to Mullen Lintas. The news follows a multi-agency pitch and the scope of work includes building the brand via omnichannel advertising and visibility via social media.

“We are confident that our association with Mullen Lintas will help not just raise the awareness of SIP Abacus brand but also will let more Indians come to know the power of the Abacus Program,” said Dinesh Victor, Founder & Managing Director, SIP Academy India Pvt Ltd.

Mullen Lintas aims to change people’s perception of the Abacus and build awareness about the impact it has on a child’s mind, while simultaneously building a strong foothold in the market.


“We are delighted to have Mullen Lintas on board as our agency and we look forward to their well-known branding and communication expertise to take our flagship brand SIP Abacus closer to children and parents aligning with our powerful vision,” said Sibi Sekhar, Director, SIP Academy India Pvt Ltd.

Mullen Lintas’ Bangalore office will handle the account.

“SIP Abacus has been quietly brewing a storm in the educational sector over the last 17 years and has helped many children across the country to develop arithmetics and build their concentration skills,” said Hari Krishnan, CEO, Mullen Lintas.


“We are excited to be given the mandate to craft the brand strategy and point of view for SIP Abacus that will enable more parents and children to embrace the concept of mathematics and emerge successful. The category understanding and creative firepower demonstrated by our team led by our CCO Azazul Haque is what worked the magic for us.”

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