Mullen Lintas Bangalore Delivers the Laughs in New MFine Campaign

MFine, an AI-driven on-demand healthcare service has launched a sweet and funny new campaign in collaboration with Mullen Lintas Bangalore.

Whether it’s the excitement of trying to sneak a late-night snack or simply figuring out who’s at the door, there’s a surprise in everything for the hero of the new campaign. Spoiler alert, the snacks in the intriguing box don’t actually end up being secret cookies.

The campaign is based on the idea that no matter how difficult your loved ones can get with respect to their own health needs, with the help of MFine’s prompt services, care is always at your doorstep.


“As much as MFine is a new-age health-tech brand, care has always been at the very core of all that we do. From instant online consultations to lab tests from the comfort of homes, MFine ensures that care is readily accessible and of the highest quality. Our new campaign films showcase a new aspect of that heart-warming care, this time with a pinch of mischief and fun between the endearing couple,” said Arjun Choudhary, Founding Member and Chief Business Officer, MFine.

“Popular culture is best created or second best exploited in advertising. To make a tongue-in-cheek story about lab tests at home and to make the commercial sticky for MFine was the intent here,” added Garima Khandelwal, CCO, Mullen Lintas.


“The over emphasis on the MFine branding is also by design so there is no confusion on which brand but to make people smile at the correlation. The auntie gets an upper hand with this campaign and the uncle gets a taste of his medicine.”

The campaign went live earlier this month.


Client – Arjun Choudhary, Shanker Mohan, Nikita Aggarwal, Eti Goel, Chhavi Mahajan, Joel Joy
Agency – Mullen Lintas, Bangalore
Creative team – Garima Khandelwal, Prasad Venkatraman, Abhilash Mundayat, Johns Joy, Mirael Samson
Account Management team – Hari Krishnan, Lopamudra Bhattacharya, Anahita Brar, Meghna Majumdar
Planning team – Ekta Relan, Sushma R Rao, Gargi Sarvankar

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