MTV Campaign in India Fights Exposed Bra Strap Stigma With Bold Bra Strap Designs

MTV India has launched a new campaign via Dentsu Webchutney aimed at “bra shamers” – those people who criticize women who fashion choice includes a visible bra strap. As the brand describes it, “A visible bra strap has been long used as a patriarchal tool to shame women into falling in-line with the stigma attached to bra straps.”

So, what better way to address the gawking naysayers than by creating very visible bra straps for them to be upset about?

The ‘Baar Bra Dekho’ campaign looks to normalize the existence of a peeking bra strap with a customized range of limited-edition bra straps engraved with comic comebacks for ‘strap shamers’ like ‘Karle Judge’, ‘This is Neon of your Business’, ‘Ghoorna Mana Hai’, and more.


Indian film actress Radhika Madan stars in the launch film to drive home “the anger of every Indian woman,” said a release. The campaign also has celebrities and influencers joining the ‘bra-ndwagon’.

MTV also organized an ‘eye-popping’ event featuring popular female stand-up comics – Prashasti Singh and Sejal Bhatt cracking jokes about peeking bra straps and onlookers.

“Creativity comes in all shapes and forms,” said Aalap Desai, Executive Creative Director, Dentsu Webchutney.

“When we found this powerful insight in our culture, we wanted to have a strong point-of-view on it. We wanted to go all out and attack this mindset at its very roots. So, we decided to make the bra strap itself our media vehicle to convey our message in the most noticeable way ever. By becoming the voice of the bra strap, we became the voice of millions of Indian women who were refusing to be silent anymore.”


Dentsu Webchutney Team:

Nishi Kant – Branch Head
Aalap Desai – Executive Creative Director
Harsh Shah – Senior Vice President
Pragati Rana – Associate Vice President
Yash Kulshresth – Creative Director, Copy
Ananda Sen – Creative Director, Art
Rumi Behramkamdin – Account Director
Aabhaas Shreshtha – Group Head, Art
Sonia Gupta – Group Head, Copy
Nitish Sarkar – Head-Digital Production
Khintu Saud- Account Manager
Manisha Panda – Copywriter
Ruchika Guha – Copywriter
Devdutt Viz – Sr. Visualizer
Vaibhav Sharma- Art Director
Manasi Sheth – Visualiser
Sachin Poojary – Senior Motion Graphics Artist
Sahil Chauhan – Senior Motion Graphics Artist

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