Moon Rabbit: A Father Shoots for the Moon to Make his Daughter Happy in Canon Korea Film

The theme of family is one that resonates with nearly everyone on a profound level. Brands know this and are not shy to take a hearty pluck at your heart strings whenever possible.

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In a new spot for Canon entitled “Dal Tokki” (달토끼) which in Korean translates to “Moon Rabbit”, we see a father going to great lengths to make his daughter happy.


Created by the talented team at Seoul-based film production shop Dolphiners, the 4:30 clip opens with a father reading a bedtime story to his young son and daughter. The daughter seems in a funk, disinterested. Seeing this, her father sets out to remedy her woe. And his efforts are quite charming

Check it out:

It is interesting to note that we see no presence of the mother in this clip. A  bit of social commentary by the Dolphiner team perhaps –considering Korean culture is in a gender transition phase where, like much of the world, the traditional roles of men and women are evolving?


client / Canon korea consumer imaging
client PIC / Sung Dahin
production / Dolphiners films
director / Shin Wooseok
pd / Baek Jongho
dop / Kim Hongki
gaffer / Bae Ilhyuck

Here is more work from the Dolphiners shop:


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