Mondelez Kinh Do and Publicis Groupe Vietnam Call for ‘One Day of Togetherness’

“This initiative is truly meaningful to the preservation of Vietnamese culture and to the wellbeing of our people,” said Kate Bayona-Garcia, CEO at Publicis Groupe Vietnam.

Mondelez Kinh Do is calling on employers in Vietnam to give people a day off to celebrate Tet Trung Thu also known as the mid-Autumn festival. According to a new campaign, it is a tradition that is slowly being lost – many families don’t celebrate the festival like they used to.

Taking place annually, Tet Trung Thu is the second largest festival in Vietnam: a time of the year when the moon is at its brightest, crops are fully harvested, and families come together to give thanks. Traditionally, the festival gave parents the chance to make up for lost time with their children after harvest season, to light lanterns and enjoy a Kinh Do mooncake together.

Tet Trung Thu has been celebrated in Vietnam for over 400 years, held on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Lunar Year. However, according to the campaign, “as Vietnam has progressed, many people have begun to prioritize work and business over celebrating this centuries-old tradition, particularly as Tet Trung Thu is not a national holiday.”


Through a national survey, Mondelez Kinh Do said it found that 92% of Vietnamese would like to have one day off to celebrate the festival with loved ones. To kickstart a movement in its 25th year of making Kinh Do mooncakes, the company gave 3,000 employees the day off to celebrate Tet Trung Thu last Friday 29th September.

As part of a campaign, created by Publicis Groupe Vietnam, Mondelez Kinh Do also delivered special boxes of 25th-anniversary mooncakes with personal letters to leaders of leading companies in Vietnam, inviting them to join Mondelez in giving their employees ‘One Day of Togetherness’. Mondelez Kinh Do said that already 13 companies have pledged to follow suit. Meanwhile, on the Kinh Do platform, almost 300,000 Vietnamese have voted to petition Tet Trung Thu to be a national holiday, the company said.

“We discovered that deep inside the hearts of every Vietnamese person is the wish to have a whole day to celebrate the mid-Autumn Festival with loved ones,” said Anil Viswanathan, Managing Director at Mondelez Kinh Do Vietnam..


“To keep this festival alive, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Kinh Do Mooncakes, we gave all our employees in Vietnam the day off – and we hope other organisations in Vietnam will follow suit. Happy Trung Thu!”

Publicis Groupe is supporting this initiative by declaring Tet Trung Thu a holiday, too: on 29th September, all employees enjoyed a day off to celebrate mid-Autumn festivities.

“This initiative is truly meaningful to the preservation of Vietnamese culture and to the wellbeing of our people,” said Kate Bayona-Garcia, CEO at Publicis Groupe Vietnam.

“Last Friday, we were out-of-office and away from keyboard, lighting lanterns and enjoying Kinh Do mooncakes with the people we love. Together with Mondelez Kinh Do, we are proud to be part of a movement to keep Vietnam’s mid-Autumn festival alive.”


Client: Mondelez Kinh Do
Managing Director: Anil Viswanathan
Marketing Director: Sameer Yadav
Marketing Manager: Tung Phan Thi Ngoc
Senior Brand Manager: Tran Van Nhat Linh
Associate Brand Manager: Nguyen Ha Kieu Anh

Agency: Publicis Groupe Vietnam
Chief Creative Officer: Paolo V Garcia
Executive Creative Director: Andy Soong
Creative Director: Duc Anh Tran
Senior Art Director: Hieu Duong
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Senior Designer: Bao Trinh Le
Junior Art Director: Anh Pham
Graphic Designer: Trieu Truong
Integrated Planning Director: Ravi Iyer
Strategic Planner: Hoang An Duong
Junior Planner: Duong Do
Head of Business: Abhishek Banerjee
Senior Account Manager: Nguyen Truong
Account Executive: Bao Nhi Le

PR: MSL Vietnam
General Manager: Melissa Caranto
Business Director: To Linh Lan
PR Manager: Bui Thi Thu
Creative Group Head: Karl Fajardo
Social Lead: Ly Pham

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General Manager: Stuart Howe
Producer: Yen Hai Lam

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General Manager: Julian Brzoska
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Senior Account Manager: Huy Tran


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