Moderna Japan Launches ‘Save Your Hope Project’ To Take Back Lost Moments of Youth From Covid-19

The campaign features members of the Nagano Prefecture Komoro High School Brass Band Club.

Moderna Japan has launched the “Save Your Hope Project,” where they take back the lost days of youth that COVID-19 has taken from young people. The online campaign, – An Invitation from that Day/Komoro High School Brass Band Club version, was conceptualized by GREY Tokyo.

Through its mRNA technology, Moderna is committed to protecting people from the threat of COVID-19, but they also wish to save their hopes and dreams lost due to the pandemic. With this passion, Moderna started the “SAVE YOUR HOPE PROJECT.” In this project, young people whose long-awaited opportunities and moments were taken away receive an “invitation from that day” from Moderna and are given a chance to fulfil their lost hopes. Moderna captures and documents these once-in-a-lifetime moments in an online film, documenting the young people reclaiming these once-in-a-lifetime moments.

This video features the members of the Nagano Prefecture Komoro High School Brass Band Club. Komoro High School is a 116-year, long-established institution with a strong brass band club. They were known for running in first place in Prefectural-level competitions. They won the Prefectural tournament in 2022 and planned to participate in the Tokai regional tournament that would lead to the prestigious nationals.


However, three days before the competition, several members tested positive, and the seniors had to forgo the chance to participate in what would be their last big competition. They would have to graduate with this unresolved regret.

An “invitation from that day” is sent to the devastated brass band club coach: Would you like to come together again and play in front of a big crowd?

The invitation included information about a “cherry blossom concert” in Kaikoen, one of Japan’s top 100 cherry blossom locations. The members of the Komoro High School Brass Band Club who were unable to compete in the Tokai regional tournament were given the opportunity to perform together one last time. In April, the graduates of the club reunited to perform in a “cherry blossom concert,” surrounded by a large audience and cherry blossoms in full bloom, fulfilling their lost hope.


You can learn more about the campaign here. (Japanese)

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