Mobile Shoppers Dominate Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales Across the Asia-Pacific This Year

Image: Paul Hanaoka via Unsplash

New data released from digital experience analytics firm Contentsquare, says that mobile shopping dominated the biggest shopping month of the year in the Asia-Pacific.

The analysis comes following Black Friday and Cyber Monday and is based on real-time data from over 4 billion sessions globally and across six industries and six markets in the region.

According to the findings, even as retail begins to reopen brick and mortar locations across the region, the data suggests that consumers “continue to pivot towards the ease and safety of online shopping during the biggest shopping season, with a significant lift in mobile compared to desktop traffic,” said Contentsquare.


The key findings from 1 October up to and including 29 November 2021 include:

  • Mobile trumped desktop shopping globally: Over +90% uplift globally in mobile traffic during the BFCM weekend compared to the month of October. Desktop traffic saw a more modest increase in the same period, with +46% increase in traffic.
  • Mobile traffic surge in APAC over BFCM weekend; significant lift in Australia: There was an increase of +19% of mobile shoppers over the same period across the APAC region, with Australia recording a significant lift at +42%.
  • Purchasing over desktop is still the preference: While mobile traffic prevailed over the weekend, there was a greater increase in desktop conversions (+109% increase in desktop over BFCM compared to rest of November) compared to mobile conversions (+75% over the same period).
  • SEO drove most traffic but advertising drove more purchases in APAC; Australia an exception: The highest number of sessions were driven by SEO (32%). However, the highest number of buying sessions (29%) was driven via search engine advertising (SEA). In Australia, the opposite is true. 29.7% of sessions in Australia came from SEO however the highest number of buying sessions (31.9%) was driven via SEA.
  • Highest traffic for consumer electronics: Globally, the Consumer Electronics sector received the highest direct traffic at 27.6% among the industries analyzed throughout the period. This was followed by Fashion Retail (27.3%) and Grocery (24.9%)
  • Highest jump for Beauty over BFCM weekend: Global desktop traffic in Beauty rose +70.9% over the weekend versus the rest of November. On the lowest end of the spectrum, Consumer Goods only saw a +7.91% increase over the same period.

According to David Bochsler, Regional VP, APAC, Contentsquare, the findings “reinforce the need for e-commerce players to optimize the mobile user experience.”

“Earlier this year, our 2021 Digital Experience Benchmark study uncovered that over two-thirds of total website traffic in Asia Pacific came from smartphones in 2020. The trend looks set to continue as we increasingly rely on our mobile phones for convenient, socially-distanced access to goods and services.

Featured Image: Paul Hanaoka via Unsplash


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