Put Your Money Where Your Phone is – Mobile Payment Campaign in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, most people are referred to as “un-banked” – or without access to normal banking. The un-banked’ are forced to rely on old-fashioned cash. This makes daily life complicated and exposes them to the risk of theft.

Yet, only a small percentage of the 160 million people use mobile payment banking systems even though almost everyone has a mobile phone.

Grey Group Bangladesh found that the biggest barrier to using mobile banking was the ‘mentality and force of habit’. People were accustomed to depending on cash only and they found it difficult to change.


To fight this, Grey approached United Commercial Bank Limited (the bank that owns UPAY) with a more creative approach to the problem.

You’re probably saying to yourself – “that seems an unnecessary extra step.”  And, you’re right. It will be curious to see how this campaign plays in terms of new account signups – but if it gets more people to put their money in the bank rather than under the mattress then that’s a step in the right direction.

Credits –
Chief Creative Officer: Syed Gousul Alam
Creative Directors: Akrum Hossain, Nurur Rahman
Art Directors: Shariful Islam, Rakibul Hasan, Nurul Islam
Copywriters: Waleed K. Rajamiya,
Visualizer: Esty Azizul Haque
Chief Executive Officer: Salahuddin Shahed
Planning Director: Bitop Das Gupta
Client Service Director: Syed Tariq
Account Manager: Jihad BinTahzeeb
Creative Coordinator: Manami Sunjia Hossain

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