M&M’s Bring Peace to the World

    The ad features Emmy winner Dan Levy.

    By The Staff - Feb 4, 2021
    M&M’s Bring Peace to the World

    M&M’S released its new $5.5 million dollar Super Bowl LV ad in advance of Sunday’s game. The campaign was created by BBDO New York.

    In a world where it seems nothing can currently go right, there are M&M’s to solve all life’s problems. The 30-second spot showcases the bite-sized candies as peace offerings used to absolve one of their sins.

    A blown gender reveal, incessant mansplaining, intentionally kicking the guy’s seat in front of you on your flight, even an actual confession to a priest—all resolved with M&M’s.

    “I’m sorry I called you Karen,” says one woman as she hands over a bag of M&M’s.

    “That’s my name,” replies Karen.

    “I’m sorry your name is Karen,” says the first woman as she hands over more M&M’s.

    The spot also features Emmy winner Dan Levy at the end as he himself tries to apologize to Ms. Green M&M and Ms. Brown M&M for eating their friends. It’s unclear whether this apology is accepted.

    “I always try to take part in well-intentioned campaigns with brands that align with my sense of humour, so this ad was a perfect fit. One of the things I loved most about this campaign was the message about how something small – like sharing M&M’S – can help bring people together,” said Levy.


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