Mister Potato Launches Syok Wave Campaign in Malaysia

    By The Staff - Jul 27, 2020
    Mister Potato Launches Syok Wave Campaign in Malaysia

    Mister Potato, a popular chip brand in Malaysia, has launched an animated campaign spot pitching the new  Syok Wave Crinkle Cut featuring the Syok Wave Amigos.

    The campaign was created by Juice Kuala Lumpur and is aimed at younger audiences. It will appear on TikTok, led with a #DoTheSyokWavePose challenge wit users are invited to strike different superhero poses that match the dedicated filter, with a chance to win various prizes including a Nintendo Switch.



    “Mister Potato is renowned for being fun and adventurous, so we created an engaging campaign that lives up to its playful characteristic,” said Suah Boon Chuan, creative group head at Juice Kuala Lumpur. “More users have been unleashing their creativity on TikTok throughout Malaysia’s MCO, so it’s the perfect place to connect with audiences who are looking for lighthearted action and relief – something Syok Wave provides.”


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