Millennium Hotels and Resorts Launches Metaverse Hotel – M Social Decentraland

So you’re feeling a bit tired spending the day walking around the metaverse and you need a place to lay your head for a little rest before heading out for the night? Well then, MullenLowe Singapore has partnered with Millennium Hotels and Resorts to launch M Social Decentraland, which, according to a release, is the world’s first hospitality group to operate a hotel in the metaverse.

Modeled on different M Social hotels around the world, the new hotel “aims to be a place for all to gather and discover the virtual reality universe of Decentraland.”

Located near Genesis Plaza, at the heart of Decentraland, M Social Decentraland sits on prime digital land, says the brand. The team at MullenLowe Singapore helped create the virtual hotel which displays a giant “M” on each of its four sides, with glass exteriors and neon pink accents.


Guests who step inside M Social Decentraland can interact with an avatar that welcomes everyone in the lobby. The avatar guides guests through the hotel. Those who reach the top of Decentraland, and share a screenshot of their Avatar with #MSocialDecentraland on their social channels, have a chance to win real-world hotel rewards.

Just another night in the metaverse

“With an explosion of interest and audience engagement in the Metaverse, we’ve embraced the challenge to capitalize on opportunities this new virtual world offers a hospitality brand like Millennium Hotels and Resorts, and we believe being the first hotel to operate in the metaverse means they’re at the forefront of tapping those opportunities,” said Mr. Abhishek Goyal, Head of Digital, MullenLowe Singapore.

“We’re sure that this will be the first of many initiatives designed to bring virtual and real world solutions closer together for M Social and its guests.”


“The hospitality landscape is rapidly evolving. We are embracing different technologies to engage customers and enhance guest experiences. The metaverse is one such avenue that presents a myriad of opportunities for us to create unique social connections with our guests,” said Mr. Saurabh Prakash, Group Senior Vice President, Commercial for Millennium Hotels and Resorts.

“M Social Decentraland will enable us to reach out to new and existing customers in both the physical and virtual world with online connection to offline engagement.”

Guests can also look forward to treasures and surprises when they visit MSocial Decentraland. Future integration for the hotel will include linkage to the M Social website and special events to mark special occasions like Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Day.

Guests can visit the new M Social Decentraland here, or head to coordinates (40,-5) on the map.

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