Milind Soman and Zlade Launch Funny New Ad Covering How Not to Manscape

“You and I are not the same. This is how you treat your balls.”





Men’s grooming brand, Zlade, has launched a funny new campaign spot featuring their brand ambassador, supermodel, and actor Milind Soman, pitching the Zlade Ballistic while offering advice on what not to do in your manscaping routine.

The topic is a sensitive one. As Zlade puts it on their YouTube page: “India’s heartthrob – the man, the legend himself – Milind Soman is on a mission to help all our fellow countrymen understand the importance of intimate grooming and hygiene. After all, nobody likes an overgrown bush!”

In the 48-second spot, Soman gets right to the point saying, “You and I are not the same. This is how you treat your balls.”


How you treat them involves the none-too-comfortable use of an orange peeler, a chainsaw, a blow torch, and a variety of other unwelcome manscaping tools until he instructs you on how to do it the right way.


Production House: Karma
Director: Bosco B
Script: Neha Gupta (Anagram Digital)
Project Head & Creative Supervisor: Kshitij Apte
Executive Producer: Himanshu B
Producer: Prianca J
Cinematographer: Harshvir O
Editor: Darshan P
Production Designer: Sayali S
DA: Apeksha C
AD: Krishna
Line Producers: Anirudh Chaturvedi, Sachin Pandey
Grading: Christian L
Online Editor: Hiren
Post-Production Supervisor: Amit C
Music: Naozad Patel
Celebrity Stylist: Richa
Non-Celebrity Stylist: Bithi
Business Agent: Shoaib Shaikh
Celebrity Brand Leader: Kanishka Upadhyay (Exceed Entertainment)

Credits via YouTube

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