Midea Appoints MediaMonks to Deliver Innovative Customer Experience

MediaMonks has been appointed by Midea with the aim of delivering richer, smarter, and more interactive experiences to consumers. The collaboration kicked off with two projects.

In the first, MediaMonks utilized a WebGL experience to provide customers with all aspects of the construction of a state-of-the-art virtual factory – the Midea Thailand Smart Factory.

The second project is Midea Vision, which uses AI technology to solve business challenges.


With the ambition to realize higher-quality products, greater safety, and sustainability through cutting-edge technology, intelligent systems, and product lines, Midea RAC’s industry-leading Thailand Smart Factory is slated to open in October 2021.

MediaMonks created a virtual tour of this “future factory.” Customers had the opportunity to freely explore all aspects of the factory online and get a comprehensive understanding of its key features and highlights.

“On the fly-through experience, we enabled our digital visitors to navigate across a 3D modeled factory represented in the clean, modern aesthetic of minimalism. This virtual factory environment was achieved with the combination of aerial and ground photography footage built upon a 3D modeling technique called photogrammetry,” said Ron Lee, Technical Director Shanghai, MediaMonks.


“Visitors can now explore interactive hotspots and discover the factory’s features in an immersive web experience. Alongside the archived time-lapse videos, customers can choose to watch a live camera feed for a real-time look at the factory’s construction. Finally, a dedicated news tab keeps customers up to date, enabling convenience and time in allowing our consumers to make a more grounded decision.”

Ramzi Chabaane, Head of Business & Strategy, MediaMonks Shanghai

“The factory of the future is characterized by the integration of digital technologies into manufacturing processes. The ‘smart factory’ – or Factory 4.0 – aims to achieve further competitiveness and will rely on the convergence between the industrial and digital worlds,” said Ramzi Chaabane, Head of Strategy Shanghai, MediaMonks.

“This is hinged on existing tools and creativity – sensors, automation, big data, IOT, cloud computing – being propelled, and the arrival of new activities in energy, green products, robotics, molecular biology, genetics adding value and innovation to marketing. This thinking will empower Midea and its partners and help future-proof and create lasting business impact.”

Alongside the virtual factory, MediaMonks and Midea RAC have also started work on Midea Vision, which includes a digital interactive platform, which will be the integrated home to all the latest Residential Air-Conditioner and Light Commercial Air-Conditioner products, as well as core technologies, branding, manufacturing, and company information.

Kelly Belchere, Lead Producer, MediaMonks Shanghai

“Midea is a category leader when it comes to R&D, manufacturing, and shipping to name a few,” said January Zhang, Head of Marketing department, Midea RAC OSC.

“The ambition is to build a solution to solve ongoing business challenges and pave the path for the future. The core of what we try to deliver is to allow users to have more discovery moments and information touchpoints to create a seamless experience.”

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