Microsoft sings Carols for Apple in True Spirt of Christmas

Apple and Microsoft have no shortage of mutual animosity in their history. Whether genuine or played up for marketing effect, over the years the two have created dozens memorable ads that ridicule each other’s offerings.

Considering this, you might imagine an advertisement featuring dozens of Microsoft employees descending upon the flagship Apple Store in New York could be contentious.

Sorry, it’s not. What it is is a wonderful bit of Christmas spirit –and a slam dunk for Microsoft.


The commercial, filmed on New York’s 5th Avenue, features Microsoft Store workers marching from their own store to the famous glass Apple Store a few blocks away.

Once there, the Microsoft worker break into song, singing a heartwarming rendition of “Let There Be Peace on Earth” with a local children’s choir as passerby and Apple employees look on.

The whole thing ends with Apple staff giving them hugs –even the most die hard Apple or Microsoft cult leaders will shed a tear.



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