Microsoft Reveals New Generative AI Tools for Advertisers

Microsoft said it is looking to “identify ways to democratize this incredible technology to transform the advertising industry.”


Microsoft has offered a deeper look into how it plans to evolve its advertising business including a new AI chatbot embedded into its Bing search engine. The new feature Conversational Ad experiences, Ads for Chat API, and Copilot, are part of  Microsoft’s mission to transform the advertising industry the company said.

According to the software giant, it will offer new ad formats designed specifically for Chat called Conversational Ads along with the first of the company’s Conversational Ad experiences: Compare & Decide Ads.

“One of the things we often see people ask Chat is to summarize options and contrast pros and cons,” Microsoft said on its blog. “For example, a user may be looking to buy a new car and considering several different manufacturers and models.


The new format will allow online shoppers to compare different products using criteria they find most valuable.

The offering will run across all verticals that have relevant feed data, including retail, travel and auto, with Microsoft planning launch Compare and Decide Ads in close beta in early 2024

Image: Microsoft

The company additionally announced its aim at democratizing AI with its first Ads for Chat API partners.


“We are delighted to announce today that Snapchat and Axel Springer have become the first publishing partners to utilize our API, embedding the technology into Snapchat’s My AI chatbot and Axel Springer’s Hey_ (,” Microsoft said.

Image: Microsoft

Microsoft said that Snapchatters have been using My AI to receive real-world recommendations and learn about topics Opens in new window spanning food and dining, beauty and fitness, shopping and gadgets and more. Now My AI can offer Sponsored Links that surface relevant content and experiences, that feel natural to the conversation flow, to Snapchatters from select partners.

Microsoft additionally announced that Copilot in the Microsoft Advertising Platform will be coming soon

Copilot in the Microsoft Advertising Platform, is specifically designed for advertisers and agencies, combining the power of natural language conversations and generative AI to “simplify and enhance your experience with the Microsoft Advertising Platform.” That includes getting content recommendations, quickly accessing help, and more.

“Our vision with Copilot in the Microsoft Advertising Platform is for you to have a real-time intelligent assistant by your side 24×7 to help you achieve your advertising goals,” wrote Kya Sainsbury-Carter, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Advertising.

Image: Microsoft

“Generative AI represents a massive opportunity for all,” said Sainsbury-Carter,

“It creates new value with real purpose. It creates opportunities for advertisers, drives traffic for publishers, and delights consumers.”


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