MG Tackles Depression in New Thai Short Film

    By Katerin Pantaleon - Oct 27, 2020
    MG Tackles Depression in New Thai Short Film

    Starring young Thai pop singer Jay Jay, MG’s ‘Decide’ is a 5-minute short film written and directed by Sanpathit Buranasompob Tavijaroen of Dream Riders Hybrid Creative Company, Bangkok, which  communicates the new MG ZS’ “smart” proposition and aims to inspire audiences to think smart when faced with depression and downtimes in life.

    The value of friendship and positive thinking are central to the short which takes us through a night of a young man who has recently been left by his partner.

    Drifting between past experiences with his ex and his current night with a friend doing her best to cheer him up, it’s an uplifting piece of filmmaking that hits on the shared experiences of love, heartache and friendship in a successful bid to connect with its audience.

    Millions of viewers watched the spot within the first week of its launch.



    MG Sales (Thailand)

    Advertising Agency:
    Dream Riders

    Production House:
    Dream Riders

    Sanpathit Buranasompob Tavijaroen

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