Mega We Care Campaign in Vietnam Champions Independent Women 

Vitamin supplement company Mega We Care Vietnam has launched a campaign celebrating independent women who are sometimes criticized for their open-minded styles, their career pursuits, keeping up with the latest trends or chasing their dreams regardless of their age.

The 90-second spot which was conceptualized by Onepro and directed by Nui Cortes features a series of women bucking social trends and living life the way they want to live it.

“The campaign focuses on women from 25-40, coming from both urban & suburban areas across Vietnam,” said the brand, adding that “Most of them are wives & mothers and some in a situation where they are being pressured by family and friends to establish a stable family life.”


“Each woman in this ad represents a story that my team and I usually see around us, and might also be around you,” said Huy Nguyen, Creative Director on the campaign.

“Our society expects what women should and shouldn’t do corresponding to their age,” said Quang Dau.  “When living within these social expectations, on then are they seen as ‘beautiful’”.

“With this campaign, We want to empower every Vietnamese woman to live a every meaningful day by daring to break the traditional norms and pursue their life purpose regardless of age.”


“And no brand is more eligible to talk about it than Enat, the leading brand which always values the natural instinct and inner beauty of Vietnamese women. The beauty that truly makes them feel ageless”.

“This is how the campaign can build a good impact for the community”.


Client: Mega We Care Vietnam
Head of Brand & Advertising at Mega We Care: Pham Thanh Hien
Creative Agency: Onepro
Head Of Brand, Advertising & Media at Onepro: Vi Trinh
Creative Director: Huy Nguyen
Strategy Lead: Quang Dau
Associate Strategic Planner – Thuy Linh Nguyen
Art Director: Thanh Van Tran
Copywriter: Trong Nghia
Group Account Director: Yen Nguyen
Account Director: Julie Nguyen
Production Company: Onepro
Director: Nui Cortes
DOP: Hoang Chaizee
Producer: Hang Van Bao Anh
Production Manager: Phan Anh Hau, Vu Huy Thai
Props Master: Hua Tien Dung
Editor: Ly Cong Nhan
Music Composer: Tran Duc Quang
Post Production: Onepro Production
Photographer: Lam Minh Khang
Media: Asean
Media Director: Tran Ba Duy Linh


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