Brand Element Design: Meemaetu – Traditional Korat Thailand Noodles

Thailand is a colorful place. What more should we expect from the brand packaging there? Korat Noodles has put together some wonderfully colorful packaging for their Meemaetu line of noodles.

The brief:

“Meemaetu is a traditional Korat Noodle Brand. The brand has strong motivation in making alternatively modern traditional Korat noodle with original recipe within, yet the brand should appeal everyone. Craftphic realizes that for a brand to be easily noticeable, we have to bring trendiness and cheerfulness together.


This can represent a new perception of traditional Korat noodle. Our mission is to make customers feel that Meemaetu is easily approachable while full of quality of Korat noodle. We created a new logo and new packaging for Korat’s identity.”

MMT-02 MMT-04 MMT-05 MMT-06 MMT-08

Agency: Craftphic Co., Ltd
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Thailand
Packaging Contents: Noodle Packaging
Materials: Paper


The Staff

The Staff

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