The Changing Face of Medical Tourism in India

Medical Tourism, or Medical value travel, is a huge industry around the globe. India, for its part, is third largest market for medical tourism after Thailand and Mexico. Last year, nearly half a million patients came to India for their medical treatment with an estimated market size of $3.5bn.

So what does India have to offer that’s drawing increasing numbers of medical tourists?

Although the market poised for double digit growth for next 5 years, it is highly unorganized and fragmented. Lack of transparency, use of differing communications channel – whatsapp, viber etc, and no post-op doctor interaction are the major lacunas which current service providers are not able to solve.


Sumit Wadhwa and Vivek Malhotra have among them 30 years of experience of working in healthcare domain. They knew these issues and decided to solve them by creating the platform – MediGuardians. MediGuardians is solving these problems now and disrupting the existing medical tourism space.

MediGuardians is an online platform where one can discover various treatment areas, hospitals and compare costs as well. And it’s much more than that. Patient can upload their medical records so as to access them whenever and wherever they want. They can share it with service providers easily.  It is also a platform where patient can interact with their doctors who have treated them after they go back to their native country. The post-op consultation can be either through chat message or video call. This one feature has ensured that MediGuardians take care of patients even after their surgery is done.

There is another gadget which the co-founders are extremely proud of and no one has attempted to do it in this space. That is the Virtual assistance tab. Patients will be provided with a tab upon landing in India. This tab will contain all the necessary information about their Hospital, Doctor, Hotel stay, local travel, GPS and live chat interface so that he is in constant touch with MediGuardians team. This will ensure patient transparency and 24*7 service to our patient guests in India.

Sumit, CEO of MediGuardians says: “The amalgamation of cutting edge and state of the art Healthcare Facilities provided at extremely cost effective rates coupled with absolutely zero waiting time and an opportunity to visit the various scenic tourist spots makes India most sought after Medical Tourism Destination”.


Vivek, COO of MediGuardians adds that: “It’s like the world is converging on India for getting affordable and effective treatment packages; ranging from Cardiology to Organ transplants, Neuro & Spine surgeries to Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery, Bariatric surgery to Cosmetic treatments. It’s our endeavour to provide the patients best of services with Humane feel and live the motto – Atithi Devo Bhava, which is resonating with INDIA and its culture”.

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