Partners with Orchan to Enter Southeast Asian Market

Farrell Tan, Founding Director, Orchan, a professional social network targeting the media, marketing, tech, and regulation industries, has partnered with Malaysian-based communications agency Orchan as the group makes a move into Southeast Asia.

The goal of the new partnership is to create regional hubs and to help bring European opportunities to Asia, as well as to bring Asian media, contributors, and brands to Europe and other geographies. was founded in January 2020, with its beta-launch in May of the same year. Early adopters from over seventy countries have now joined and contributed to the platform.


The platform encourages industry people at all levels to interact, share, and leverage opportunities and thought leadership. It offers members the ability to connect with like-minded individuals to explore industry trends and covers members from fresh graduates in the industry through to seasoned industry members in the platform’s coveted Leadership Club.

“Having members from seventy-plus countries has reinforced for us the value of engaging with regional professionals and communities who want to look beyond their current circles,” said Mediaspace Founder, Kinga Incze.

“Up to now our industry has been operating in quite a physical manner – it is time to build a global B2B space and is leading the way. We are excited to strengthen our outreach and professional activities through SouthEast Asia with this collaborative partnership, and look forward to bringing and sharing exciting ideas, activities, and events to the region, as well as broadening our respective global connections.”

Plans for in Asia are hosted under the banner SEA: change and include monthly industry get-togethers, ‘On-point’ thematic workshops, trend-sharing podcasts, and the development of an industry-specific program to help students seek international experience and opportunities via the network.


“We believe that’s unique positioning and current pool of professionals is a welcome addition for professionals wanting to network with other like-minded professionals within media, communications, and even tech across Europe, the Baltic Regions, and beyond,” said Orchan Founding Director, Farrell Tan.

“In a time of Covid, and in an increasingly border-less world, where communication and networking have the ability to open up doors to various opportunities, it would be remiss for professionals to not leverage on the platform to further position themselves as thought leaders in their respective fields.”


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