Media OutReach Expands Distribution Network in Australia

Image: Nasik Lababan

Media OutReach Newswire, Asia Pacific’s first global newswire, announced an expansion of its distribution in Australia by partnering with 23 Australian media outlets to provide greater access to news in the country. “With the new additions of the online content partners, Media OutReach Newswire is the only global press release distribution company that offers the most online news posting for press release distribution to Australia,” the company said in a release.

“Media OutReach Newswire constantly invests in strengthening press release distribution results for our clients country-by-country in both online news media partnership as means to provide guarantee news posting and in building journalists and editors database,” said Jennifer Kok, Founder and CEO of Media OutReach Newswire.

“The 23 guaranteed online news posting strengthens our capabilities in delivering quality news releases that are interesting to the Australian readers and supports our clients in building their communication success in Australia.”


For Australia, Media OutReach Newswire has a comprehensive distribution network that owns a database of more than 14,000 journalists and editors who actively opened their clients’ press releases covering 340 news beats and over 7,500 publications for Australia, the company said, adding that among the popular news beat categories are arts and culture, business and finance, cryptocurrency, ESG, Fintech, healthcare, mining, pharmaceutical, retail and consumer products, technology, and travel & hospitality.