Media.Monks Releases an AI Roadmap for Marketers in New Report

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S4Capital’s operating brand, Media.Monks, has published a report with Salesforce titled “Generation AI: The Path to Agile and Empowered Marketing Teams,” outlining a path for marketers to “revolutionize” their marketing operations with AI.

Recognizing that the next generation of marketers will be defined by its ability to put AI into practice, the report walks through the architecture of an AI-powered customer journey, utilizing first-party data contained in a privacy-safe CRM environment.

According to the report, while most are optimistic about AI, barriers to unlocking its potential remain. New research from Salesforce found that 73% of employees believe generative AI introduces new security risks and nearly 60% of those who plan to use the technology don’t know how to keep data secure.


Beginning with a foundational first-party data strategy, the report provides a view into how marketers can design comprehensive AI solutions that integrate several technologies for maximum efficiency, like the Media.Monks’ AI enabled workflows.

The report helps marketers understand how to use AI to connect consumer insights to creative touchpoints, and use a comprehensive view of the customer to deliver experiences that generate even more data, by answering key questions:

  • What will marketing teams work on in the future?
  • What are teams doing now that they won’t be doing then?
  • What do Generation AI marketing teams look like?
  • How can teams plan for the future now?

“AI will redefine our industry, but it can be hard for CMOs to cut through the noise to unlock immediate value with solutions that will stand the test of time,” said Henry Cowling, Chief Innovation Officer at Media.Monks.

“We’ve designed a blueprint for marketers alongside our partners at Salesforce to help brands envision real workflows using enterprise automation solutions in a compliant environment for a generation of talent that’s already embracing AI.”


sMarc Mathieu, Senior Vice President of AI Transformation & Vice Chair at Salesforce added: “I’m bullish on AI’s potential to upend the industry and our recent report helps break what that means down in tangible terms for marketers, while keeping trust, privacy and compliance top of mind.”

The report is available for download here

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