McDonald’s Takes Aim at Aussie Coffee Culture

    When it comes to coffee, Australians sure are picky.

    By Asia Ad Junkie - May 21, 2021
    McDonald’s Takes Aim at Aussie Coffee Culture

    Fresh on the caffeinated heels of Harris Coffee’s adventure through the Australian outdoors, McDonald’s has joined the party launching a new campaign geared toward coffee lovers.

    Perhaps it’s just a coincidence or perhaps there’s been some deep research that Australia is becoming a coffee crazed culture, either way, ‘Coffee fit for an Aussie,’ has quite a bit in common with the aforementioned Harris campaign.

    While McDonald’s mostly ignores the outdoors, it does try to deeply ingrain itself in Australian culture, positioning itself as a staple of our everyday routines.

    The integrated campaign from DDB Sydney embraces the reality that Aussies are laid-back and easy-going, yet incredibly picky and specific when it comes to coffee.

    “Australia has a unique relationship with coffee compared to the rest of the world. We are proud of our complex coffee orders and expect a high standard of flavour and quality from every cup,” said McDonald’s Australia Marketing Manager Tim Kenward.

    “McCafé understands the importance of coffee to Aussies, which is why we offer the highest quality blend, roasted in Melbourne and made by expert baristas in our restaurants. We are pleased to celebrate Australia’s passion for coffee through this new brand campaign.”

    “I have no idea how Australians became such coffee aficionados, but we did. This campaign, and the new brand platform, celebrates that discernment – something we can all be proud of,” added DDB Australia Chief Creative Officer Ben Welsh.

    The campaign also includes out-of-home, radio, digital and social; new products will be announced in the coming months.


    Client: McDonald’s Australia
    Chief Marketing Officer: Chris Brown
    National Marketing Manager: An Le/Tim Kenward
    Brand Manager: Amanda Milios
    Assistant Brand Manager: Tim Bothwell

    Creative: DDB Sydney
    PR: Mango
    Media: OMD
    Production: Good Oil Films
    Post-production: The Editors

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