Dear McDonald’s, The Menu is Boring, Make Something New, Love Singapore

Some brands blow off their critics, but McDonald’s embraces them. At least that’s what they’re saying in a new ad aimed at created by DDB for Singapore.

The 30-second spot marks the launch of the breaded salmon burger and is part of a larger, ‘You said it, we made it’ campaign by McDonald’s –which is framed as a response to suggestions for menu innovations from customers.

The spot opens with different people reading what sounds like a letter:


“Dear McDonald’s,

Is everything OK? Your menu has kind of been expected don’t you think? Where’s the zest? Where’s the excitement? Been eating the same fish burger for 30 years. Maybe it’s time you guys made something new.”

It comes off as a bit sad actually.


Granted, the “You said it we made it” idea is nice, but it did take Ronald and the troops 30 years to listen –not that we won’t continue our love for the ol’ Fish Filet in all its greasy goodness.

All critique aside, that does look like a damn good burger!

McDonalds Salmon Burger

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