McDonald’s Launches Create Your Own Burger Kiosks in China

McDonalds Make your own Burger
Poster of the McDonald's "Create Your Taste" campaign featured in Shanghai.

McDonald’s has launched the “Create Your Taste” that allows people to select their own ingredients and build their own burgers from self-ordering kiosks in the restaurant.

“It’s a lot of fun, and you can’t get it elsewhere,” one customer told China Central Television. “Here, I can choose from a large number of ingredients and leave out those I don’t like. I think it’s cool and different.”

Combating Declining Fast Food Sales in China

McDonald’s sales are suffering worldwide as the global franchise and other fast food chains try to turn things around.


Alibaba and KFC recently joined forces to allow customers in Beijing, Shanghai and the province of Zhejiang to pay for their meals using mobile payment tool Alipay.

Hao Fangfang, a senior analyst at iResearch, told CCTV that these new branding concepts being launched by fast-food chains is part of a strategy to address declining sales.

“The herd behavior was often found in public consumption behavior in the decade starting 2000. But what those born after 1985 or even 1990 pursue is individuality, uniqueness and being different. That’s why the once massively popular fast-food chains have been losing ground to those offering niche services like theme restaurants.”

McDonalds China

McDonalds in Xi’an China. [wikicommons]



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